Liquid Weather

Liquid Weather is a patented product that instantly and permanently ages the surface of any kind of masonry with a porous surface, by a controllable darkening effect.

Available as a 50ml tester spray, 500ml spray or in 2.5 litre and 20 litre cans for use on larger areas.

- Easy to apply using brush, sprayer, sponge or roller
- Water-based and non-flammable and therefore safe to use, indoors or out
- Immediately effective and dries in minutes
- Easy application as slight blueish shade on application fades during drying
- Universal use on all masonry, other than non-porous and glazed surfaces, including brick, rough stone, mortar, concrete, paving slabs etc
- Once applied resists extremes of temperature, salts and chemicals

{This product is only available for delivery on our own vehicles.  For orders beyond our normal delivery radius please telephone our sales team on 01285 657617}





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