Paving joint compounds have become the accepted way to produce professional looking pointing on all types of paving materials.

Here at J C Tye and Son we stock the hugely popular brush-in compounds by EasyJoint (in all 5 colours) and ProJoint Fusion in neutral (buff) shade.  To use either product just empty the contents out and sweep into the joints for a superb looking finish.

For professional use in more demanding applications, we also stock Nexus ProJoint V75 two-part epoxy resin based mortar system.  This compound is suitable for medium to heavy traffic loads, ideal for driveways and high traffic areas. For more sensitive paving ProJoint V35 is a one part PU resin that has a longer processing time and can be used in hotter weather and is suitable for pedestrian and vehicular areas with traffic up to 3.5 tonnes.